About Us

Welcome to Mixed Roots, hair product for textured, curly hair!

Established in 2010 – Mixed Roots was every curly hair consumers dream, a creamy range of SLS  and parben free curly, wave hair products designed to hydrate curly and wavy hair, was easy to use lightweight and delivered on bounce, frizz control and product performance. 

As the products grow more and more popular, the more we as a brand, were able to engage with our customers, our friends, and our community, where we shared our experiences as a hair care provider and your experiences as consumers and in 2020 we redeveloped the Mixed Roots range to improve product performance both in styling and deep conditioning, creating better hydration, lower use of proteins and porosity controlling ingredients, the results lighter softer bouncer natural curl definition. 

Today we invite you to explore or product range, join in on our journey, share with us your Mixed Roots hair care experiences, online, through your social @mixedrootshair. 

Share in the excitement!